Workers Compensation

As a worker's compensation attorney, I fight for the rights of residents of Diamond Bar, CA, Chino Hills, Walnut Hills, and other local areas every day. I am Michael Hemming Attorney at Law. Injuries are always unpleasant and unexpected. They can upset your life in many ways. It's not only the discomfort and pain that impacts your life but also being out of work and not getting paid. The bills keep coming whether you're working or not, and on top of the regular bills, you may also be incurring doctor and hospital bills. You might be coming out of pocket for prescriptions and special medical equipment. It's a nightmare.

When these injuries happen while you're on the job, someone should be responsible. Why should you lose out on all that money that you would have made if you hadn't have been hurt? It's not fair to you and I understand this. This is why I put so much of myself into each workers compensation case that I handle.

This type of compensation is there for employees who are injured. It is something that you are entitled to. However, it's not always easy to get. Insurance companies and employers themselves may make it difficult. It can be difficult to fight for your rights when you're not feeling your best and stressing over how you'll keep things together until you're well enough to work again. That's why I may be your best course of action.

I have more than 39 years of experience as an attorney. I am well-versed in California law. I can put this knowledge to work for you. All you have to do is contact me over the phone or through my website at We will meet and discuss your options. Don't worry if you're not well enough to come to me, we will work something out.

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